• MPtaschnik

Danny Etling - The Next Great Patriots QB?

And just like that, all the concerns over the End of the Tom Brady era in New England were washed away... As if they never existed at all. Hold your Jimmy Garoppolo's close, because we have seen the future of the Patriots franchise at QB and it is glorious. The speed. The guts. The 16:2 TD:INT Ratio his senior year at LSU. The cut-throat mentality displayed by Danny Etling as he stepped on the throats of the New York Giants with a back-breaking 86 yard TD run to seal the game. I'm smitten. I'm walking on air. I'm walking on sunshine (WOW! And don't it feel good?) I've never felt so alive. I would break down the play in greater detail, but, as they say, a YouTube clip is worth a thousand words.

Fully expecting the release of Danny Etling this weekend. Practice squad, perhaps?

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