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Jimmy Graham and Whack Ass Statistics.

Get Used to This

"Like the cobra, you remain coiled in a loose but compact position and your strike should be felt before it is seen."

- Bruce Lee

- Cobra

I love statistics. I love them. They help me stomp out all my haters on Twitter, and by haters, I mean my 67 followers. 65 as of July 20th. That’s 2 new followers a month or .06 new followers a day. Good stats, Right? The thing about numbers is you can slice them any way you want. Whatever works for your argument. I hate statistics when it comes to fantasy football. Players have trends there is no doubt about it. Do they prefer to roll to the left? Do they prefer to run before throwing? Do they like to get injured when on my roster? There are some trends though, that are out of the players control and some statistics that are just pure analytical garbage. Which brings me to Jimmy Graham.

I don’t think Jimmy Graham is going to be a pro bowler this year. I don’t think Jimmy Graham is going to re-launch his career in Green Bay. However, I do think Green Bay is the best spot he could have possibly landed. Here is where the whack ass statistics come in. From a fantasy standpoint he is a bust! They tell me. Aaron Rodgers doesn’t throw to tight ends! They tell me. What I am going to tell you is that you can take those statistics and shove em. Especially you Berry, you weenie. Citing in your love / hate that 17% of Rodgers touchdowns are to tight ends and that Jermichael Finley’s 2011 year was the last time Rodger’s produced a top 10 tight end. Let me give you the list of Rodgers’s TE and their accomplishments after departure.

Donald Lee – career dwindled in Rodgers early years and barely made a splash with Cincy.

Richard Rogers – The “Miracle in Motown” hero. Pedestrian career at best.

Andrew Quarless – Fizzled out and was injured. Eventually went to Detroit where a gun charge led to a release before the season. Pedestrian at best.

Jermichael Finley – Had a decent career in GB. At his peak in 2011 he basically split receptions 3 ways with Jordy and Greg Jennings ending the year with 10 less than the two (55). Donald Driver was also sprinkled in for a smooth 37 receptions. After that he had two pedestrian years until his career ended with a spinal cord injury.

Jared Cook – Yuck.

So, one might ask why doesn’t Rodgers throw to the tight ends more? I think I have the answer. It’s because he has played with Junk. Don’t tell me that’s just how Aaron Rodgers and the GB scheme works. If Rob Gronkowski was on the team you think they would say “well Aaron doesn’t really throw to TE’s and we don’t like it, so be a good decoy.” No. they are gonna feed him the rock. You develop your game plan around your talent. I’ll give you some junk stat to add to it. The Patriots threw to the TE 0% when Gronk didn’t play in 2017. You might read that and say wow. In reality, it was one game. I don’t buy it. I will add that I personally think Graham is soft. That’s why GB was a great landing spot. He’s not going to be asked to play hard nose, run blocking assignments. Green Bay’s offense is known for its finesse and speed which is great for Graham. I’m reading a lot of experts who are saying to stay away from him. Even one of the yokels from the griddle says to stay away, but for me, I think where he is being drafted is just fine. Barring an injury, he should see his opportunities. If your hesitant going into your draft, know that Rodgers threw two passes in game 2 pre-season - one was a Touchdown to Graham.

If you don't want to listen to me. Listen to Bill.......

Cobra has an extensive background in fantasy sports. A one time league winner he started writing extensively about Fantasy Football in the summer of 18'

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